What have I been up to lately? Oh, I am so glad you asked! Christmas came, and saw and it conquered and we’re left tired, broke, fat and full of ambitious goals for the new year. Just kidding, we do not do goals, but we definitely have a fancy 2020 to-do list. But first, surgery!… Continue reading PCO-whatttt?!?

Bad Mom Thoughts…

My dirty little dark secret. PSA: If you have pent up anger about not feeling like you are the favorite child, please do not read this. Ok you guys, I am spilling all the beans here, mainly because I just need to get it out. I am also hoping my children never read this. It… Continue reading Bad Mom Thoughts…

“Shut up, Mommy”

My sweet little boy! All excited for his first day of school, cuddling on the couch with his daddy, watching cartoons. Meanwhile, mommy’s frantically running around the house, trying to ensure everyone is going to make it out the door to survive the day in their various locations. Indoor shoes? Check! Labelled? Shit, I forgot… Continue reading “Shut up, Mommy”

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