2 under 2..

Here we were! A newborn, a toddler, 2 Great Danes, a mommy and a daddy and a partridge in a pear tree!

Our first night home as a family of four, the anxiety of this two under two situation escalated! We were doing great until 7 o’clock hit and the fear set in on who was going to sleep tonight, who was not going to, how many of us were going to be in tears and if we were even going to make it out alive!

Like I’ve said before, I’ve always believed in what will be, will be, but I was not in that frame of mind whatsoever. We put the toddler to bed and then did the new parent thing; Netflix and chill and nurse and chill and change a diaper and chill, until we decided it was time for all of us to go to bed (probably around 11pm).

We lasted about 2 hours and we were all up!

Baby was in the bassinet and was now up ready to eat. Husband jumped out of bed faster than I’ve ever seen him move in fear of that little new born squeal waking up the toddler. He shoved the baby at me and I frantically tried to quiet him, fumbling around trying to get my nipple into his little mouth.

Success! He was eating and we heard nothing come from the other room.

Next step; change the baby, swaddle him and lay him back in the bassinet. Well, new baby did not like this idea and let us know! Actually, he let the whole household know and the toddler also agreed this was a terrible idea, so he thought he’d join in on the crying.

Now, Mommy was all out of sorts with two babies crying and realizing that this whole idea of just rolling with whatever happens happens when having 2 under 2 was silly and how were we ever going to make this work, so she joined in on the crying too! Poor daddy!

Mommy was also struggling with the idea of even getting out of bed. Back to the whole hell of c-sections thing.

I was still unbelievably sore as the bruises on my incision had grown bigger and my pain meds were getting weaker. We have a relatively high bed which is not a great combination with a stitched up tummy!

So there went my hero in action while I laid there in self pity! He went to the toddler room and comforted him till he fell back asleep while I finished changing the baby and swaddling him. He then returned and grabbed the new baby and laid him down to sleep in the bassinet while I just laid there blubbering about how we were even going to survive in the next couple months!

“A little melodramatic meltdown is good for the soul!” -said no guy ever! But it was, oh it was. It was a flood of emotions stemming from the very moment I found out I was pregnant with our second child! It was needed and it was heavenly.

We navigated our way through the rest of the night and the next day we formulated a plan! Mommy and new baby get the couch and the whole living room to themselves while daddy and toddler get their bedrooms with the door closed! It sounds ridiculous but it actually worked.

The lower couch was much easier to get on and off of to grab new baby when he was up at night! I still made sure that throughout the night, after every feeding, I changed new baby’s diaper and placed him back in the bassinet! Lol Jusssst kidding! It was a matter of survival at this point. New baby went through the whole night in one diaper and slept on mommy. And guess what?!?! New baby was fine and is a great sleeper in his own crib to this day. We were making it work and we were surviving!

A week or two went by and I still couldn’t lift the toddler out of the crib and hubby worked super early hours, so I had tons of sleepovers with family members! We are beyond blessed to have so much support with our children! Sometimes I think if it weren’t for them, I’d be a full blown disaster instead of only half a disaster.

A month passed and another month passed and we were thriving! The love that grew between my toddler and my newborn was worth all the hard roads that preceded.

Ok, so there was one toy thrown at the new born baby’s head when he was swinging in his swing and the odd tantrum that was thrown when mommy was paying more attention to baby then toddler, but all in all, toddler and baby were becoming the best of friends!

It was a weird feeling having two kids. Everything was either split in half or doubled from the first time around! Time, patience, annoyances, joys. Two completely different babies made from the same mommy and daddy both with an equal amount of love!

At one time, this was my biggest fear! When I was pregnant with my second, all I could think of was how could I have enough love or patience in me for two! Two separate humans that needed all the love in the world. But somehow it was happening! We were a family of four and we were doing it!

A couple years later and we are really living this life day to day and facing the challenges and triumphs together as they come! We’re the Crooks and yes we’re chaotic but we also love every minute of it! đŸ’•

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