A regular moms struggle with working out…

Ok everyone, I’m trying!

But I don’t understand why it’s so hard for me to get to a point that I just love working out! I absolutely love the way it makes me feel afterwards. I love the workouts I’m doing! And I love the idea of it! But taking that 35-40min to just do it is proving to still be a challenge.

I just want to be the girl that posts super hot but funny, not I could beat up my own husband, but cute flexing poses in the mirror and all in control of her life. Walk around in sweet runners, tights that don’t look like her body is suffocating and wanting to burst out and just appearing that her life is so together that she has the time and the will to just bust out a workout and continue on with her day.

I’ve always known I wanted to learn proper eating and exercise. I hated that at our small town ball diamond the bathrooms were so far away and sure enough, during a game, every game, around the 4th inning, I’d more than likely have to book it to the bathroom because, well if you’re a mom, you know that one sudden movement on the ball diamond could result in pee pee pants. So I’d work up the energy to sprint to the washroom, losing breath half way, huffing and puffing on the toilet then have to sprint back to play another inning. Just torture, I tell ya. Embarrassing.

When I started the beginning of an 8 week program I was getting it done ✅.. I was determined! But like everything I do in my life, when I lost 8lbs and 10in I thought, well good job.. we’ve done it! I’ve never been known to be an overachiever so why would it be any different with weight loss?!?

I admire women who wake up in the morning and work out right away! It takes me about an hour to just not feel stiff and sore and actually wake my mind up enough to follow someone else’s instructions. By that point, I’m already behind tying to get out the door for the day. If I could do it every morning, I’d probably be good for the day, but as the hours of the day goes on, it’s a lot of time to talk myself out of it.

“I’ll just try extra hard tomorrow.”

“I have too much to do before tomorrow.”

“Look at those little boys, I just want to sit on the couch and snuggle them all night.”

“I just don’t want to.”

Now, the nutrition part I am loving! I’m basically working with a container system to monitor portions and choose healthier options to fill the containers. Is it a work in progress, absolutely! It’s not easy going from not caring to actually caring how your fuelling your body! There’s going to be bumps and cheats along the road. I know I will never be the type of person that won’t indulge in beer and McDonald’s every once in a while, but not doing it everyday is key. Who knew?

Have you ever seen how much pasta is an acceptable amount vs. how much you throw on your plate. I assure you it’s eye opening! I was always over eating. Knowing it because I felt like crap but not really knowing it because I didn’t know what was right or wrong.

This whole concept of watching myself work out too should be motivation enough to workout more. Mind you, after completing one 8 week challenge, it’s incredible how much stronger and more in control of my muscles I feel.

But I’ll never forget shortly after having my second, I decided to start trying yoga at home. I’d watch YouTube videos and follow along. And don’t tell anyone, but as the boys would go down for a nap, I’d remove all my clothes and partake in naked yoga which was something I’m sure I invented but you wouldn’t believe how liberating it is. Until one day…….. I decided to do a plank and I was holding myself up there and I looked down and passed my body and burst out in laughter.

While breast feeding, I always had one boob that was way, like exponentially way, better at producing than the other one. To the point that I thought one of them was just a dud. For anyone who doesn’t know, this causes one boob to be 3 times the size of the other one (and for everyone who has had this same problem and is wondering, they do go back to normal). So sure enough, in this plank pose, gravity was doing its magic and displaying this one shameful boob and one super boob in full display. One was almost touching the floor and one was just hanging there all ridiculous and pathetic. After a good chuckle, I got up put my clothes back on and thought, ya I’d just rather be fat!

So here I am, 2 years later learning and living with a goal in sight, sitting here writing this, thinking after this I need to go work out! Luckily I have Beachbody’s help, but I need to continuously work on my mind because once I tackle that, I feel like it’s just part of my life after that! The hardest part is getting myself to agree with my body that we need to do this together!

So following this, I’m going to go drink my performance energy drink, pump out a workout (probably with a 2 and 3 year old crawling on me but at least it’s getting done) then drink my superfood shakeology shake and tackle this day!

Trying to live my best life one workout at a time because let’s be honest moms, we deserve some self-satisfaction more often than not! ❤️💪

1 thought on “A regular moms struggle with working out…”

  1. For me it’s music. Knowing that I’m going to listen to some fun music for the next 45 minutes to an hour is what gets me in the mood to work out. I could never be one of those people that runs or goes to the gym without an iPod….I NEED my music! If my iPod dies halfway through my workout, then I stop too. lol
    Although I’m not sure I could ever be a ‘workout in the morning’ kinda person. I prefer the afternoon workout…it makes me feel like I just burned off all the food that I already ate that day and motivates me to eat well for dinner. I of course don’t have kids though, so I admire you for finding the time. You go girl! 🙂


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