Get ready for super Sunday..

Hey y’all!

I’ve found myself in a Sunday morning coffee blog writing routine and I’m loving it (and hopefully you are too)! This Sunday will be a little different as I’ll be prepping for a beach body info session and I’m ridiculously excited about it!

I’m trying to navigate through this whole coaching thing, playing ball, parenting, eating healthy, working out, learning everything new at my new place of employment, still socializing with friends that are near and dear to me annnnd getting 8 hours of sleep, proper water intake and shaving my legs.

Beachbody has so much to offer and it has taught me so many things about myself already, good and bad! I’ve only explored the surface but I’m so excited to see where I will be a year from now! Physically and mentally.

I want everyone on board so I’m going to do my own research in order to better coach people that are reaching out or people who are just too afraid to reach out yet! I have always struggled knowing what to do and how to do it and how to make it sustainable in my life, and let’s face it, I am way to cheap to pay for a personal trainer. So one day on a whim, I signed up with a challenge pack that included a 1 year membership to an incredible amount of workout programs and access to a nutrition program for way less than what I’d even pay for just a 6 month gym membership!

So what if I have to workout from home with my boys hitting my flabby tummy while I’m doing crunches and laughing at it jiggle (even though I housed them in it for 9 months each.. ungrateful jerks)! My favourite thing to do now is hide myself in my room, put on cute workout clothes (or just a sports bra and shorts), press play and hide from the world and feel good about how strong I’m feeling 💪

I also know I am definitely a work in progress. Last night I had a terrible day! It rained all day, I was grumpy, I had a brutal ball game, I had my sons class presentation I had to prep for (I know, kindergarten right?!!), so what did I do? After leaving Walmart at 10pm, I pulled into the A&W parking lot and had a teen burger. Did I enjoy it? Oh so much so. Maybe one day I’ll learn to curb these habits but yesterday was just not the day! Today’s a new day, looking forward to a back and bicep workout tonight 😉

Two to three years of being completely devoted to a baby and a toddler have taken its emotional toll! Yes I love them dearly, but sometimes they just actually suck and there’s nothing I can do about it. Now I have an outlet!

If you feel like you’re in this same situation, reach out to me and I will try and help the best I can so you can also work towards bettering yourself for yourself! For nobody else but you!

I’ve talked to so many women in these past couple weeks that are just in a flunk! Weathers getting colder, schools starting, kids are starting hockey, an ultimately busy and expensive Christmas season is coming, etc., etc., etc.

This is why I’m doing this this Sunday!! Starting at 3pm! If you’re already a fitness junkie then come join us as well. Take advantage of the performance line or why not start doing some coaching yourself! Beachbody has the tools and you have the wisdom 😉

So hit me up, text me, pm me, dm me! See you Sunday ❤️

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